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Garibaldi Pumice Ltd. provides dacite pumice for use as lightweight fill material (lwf).  Our white pumice is approximately 1/3 the weight of sand and gravel. Garibaldi Pumice lwf is on the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Recognized Products List (#1177). The compacted, saturated surface-dry density of Garibaldi Pumice lwf is 18 - 26% lower than red vesicular basalt.

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Geotech Aggregate has been extensively used in construction projects challenged by compressible soils, infrastructure susceptible to damage by excessive fill surcharge, and in areas requiring reliable drainage.  Our dacite pumice can also be used as a positive drainage medium on sites with compact soils that have limited natural infiltration.

Dacite pumice has been employed in a variety of construction applications including roadbeds, bridge abutments, retaining walls, pipeline protection and drain fields.  Recent major projects include provision of 20,000 cubic metres of dacite pumice lwf for the Highway 1 Improvement Project and 12,000 cubic metres of dacite pumice lwf for the Schoolhouse/King Edward St. Improvement Project.


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Golden Ears Connector, PMH1

Grauer Road Dyke Replacement

Schoolhouse/King Edward

Byrne Road Upgrade, Burnaby, BC

Fraser Highway at Serpentine River Bridge, Surrey, BC

Stanley Park S-Curve Pipeline Protection, Vancouver BC

Stormwater Retention, Drainfield under Commercial Building, Coquitlam, BC

Middle Arm Greenway Pipeline Protection, Richmond, BC

Canada Line Skytrain


1/2” to 3” (12 to 76 mm) particle size (or to spec)
dry density of 400 - 550 kg/m3 (loose to compacted)
saturated, surface dry density of 600 - 800 kg/m3 (loose to compacted)
high strength to weight ratio
exceeds Caltrans quality specifications by a wide margin
R-value ~80, spec=50 min
durability index ~75, spec=35 min
near neutral pH
inert, non-corrosive

Test data is available upon request.

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