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Green Roof Gardens

Dacite pumice of specific particle sizes can be used both as a soil amendment in growing media or as lightweight drainage media for green roof gardens.  Whether your project involves production of growing media for extensive green roofs or simply reducing the weight and facilitating drainage of rooftop garden planters, Garibaldi Pumice can supply lightweight pumice aggregate appropriate to these applications.  Our product is approximately one third the weight of sand and gravel.

Interest in green roofs is increasing in North America due to improved technology and environmental stewardship initiatives.  Designs range from extensive green roofs covering whole structures to rooftop gardens, termed intensive green roofs.  Living walls or green facades have also been receiving increased attention because of their ease of maintenance and street level visibility.

In addition to aesthetic rewards, installation of a green roof or green wall offers a variety of benefits including stormwater attenuation, improved energy efficiency and air quality, and provision of wildlife habitat.  These sustainable design benefits are recognized by the Canadian Green Building Council as reflected in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) point-generation.


Green roof soil amendment:

1/8 - 1/4" (3.2 - 6.4 mm) particle size

dry density of < 600 kg/m3

inert, near neutral pH

Drainage media:

1/2” to 3” (12 to 76 mm) particle size

dry density of 400 - 550 kg/m3 (loose to compacted)

inert, near neutral pH

Custom gradations are available upon request.


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