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Garibaldi Pumice produces fine or coarse pumice aggregate for a variety of horticulture uses.  Dacite pumice improves the water carrying capacity of soil due to its high porosity, yet sufficient particle size provides drainage and allows air space to maintain aerobic conditions to promote plant health.  Garibaldi Pumice’s lightweight aggregate is also useful for landscaping and as a positive drainage medium to maintain dry conditions, for example, where livestock are being held.

Garibaldi Pumice provides white pumice aggregate for soil producers, the green house industry, plant nurseries, and garden and landscaping centres.


soil amendment:

1/8 to 1/4" (3.2 to 6.4 mm) particle size

dry density of < 600 kg/m3

inert, near neutral pH

landscaping and drainage media:

1/2” to 3” (12 to 76 mm) particle size

dry density of 400 - 550 kg/m3 (loose to compacted)

inert, near neutral pH

Custom gradations are available upon request.

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