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Garibaldi Pumice Ltd., the largest Canadian dacite pumice producer, owns and operates a pumice mine northwest of Pemberton, BC near Mount Meager in the Lillooet River Valley. The company is supported by a multidisciplinary professional team with extensive experience in their fields of expertise.

Garibaldi Pumice Ltd. provides a variety of gradations of dacite pumice aggregate for use as lightweight fill material, lightweight concrete products and for horticultural uses such as soil amendment, drainage or landscaping media. Garibaldi Pumice can provide custom gradations upon request.

The Company has the capacity to meet construction schedules and provide reliable delivery of material to meet project specifications. Pumice provides a wide variety of benefits as a fill material and concrete or soil additive and is an environmentally sound material choice.

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Garibaldi Pumice Ltd. PO Box 1324, Garibaldi Highlands, BC V0N 1T0

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